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Why Would You Trust Your Diagnosis
To A Student Microscope?

If A Lab Coat Doesn't Make The Doctor...

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Often, what passes these days for a veterinary microscope is more suited for a
grade school biology class.  Simple, cheap and fills the need, but does it?

The Kacey KMD501 is a high performance digital camera microscope designed for professionals, by professionals, who require superior optical performance,          rugged durability & the ability to grow with your practice.  KMD501 is                       equipped with an 8" touch screen camera system with a 5 Megapixel                       digital chip for crisp and clean images.  Want to send the image to a                           colleague?  You can!  With WiFi and Bluetooth connectivety your                               images can be sent worldwide.  From bright field, to dark field,
to phase contrast and beyond, the KMD501 is the microscope
of choice for clinical veterinary use.  

Anything else might be child's play!

"Providing Better Animal Care!"