KCEGT tests for the presence of Ethylene Glycol commonly found in "anti-freeze",  lacquer, detergents and deicers.  These test strips provide quantitative results of EG in plasma.  When compared to other EG tests, the Kacey EG strips outperform all others, providing critical information on exposure to this toxin for both  Canine and Feline in as early as 30 minutes after ingestion.  Quick identification is the key to proper treatment and the KCEGT test strips give you that edge.  There is NO other product like it on the market and now we have the Antidote to go with it!

- Feline and Canine sensitivity level  @ 20mg/dl
- Canine LD (lethal dose)@ 50mg/dL
- Feline LD (lethal dose) @ 320mg/dL
- Only 20ul of plasma needed
- Window of opportunity  approx 12-14 hours*
- EG can be detected approximately 30 min after ingestion
- Results in 10 minutes
- 12 months expiration
*Varies by size, age and condition of animal
KCOP diagnostic strips detects the presence of Organo-Phosphates commonly found in over 175 insecticides, pesticides, cholinesterase inhibitors and OP carbamate products. The only veterinary test strip to provide STAT, in house, quantitative  measurement of OP in plasma  for both
Canine and Feline in six minutes.  When time counts,
KCOP strips  are ready to make the difference.

- Feline sensitivity level 75 U/dl @ NLT
- Canine sensitivity level 125 U/dl @ NLT
- Only 20ul of plasma needed
- Results in 6 minutes
- Easy color comparison chart
- 14 months expiration
- Low unit cost per strip
Product Numbers:
30301 (5 strips/vial)
30302 (10 strips/vial)

Product Numbers:
30306 (5 strips/vial)
30307 (10 strips/vial)

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Kacey Products Providing Better Animal Care!
EPA WARNING on "Spot-On" flea and tick products.  KCOP is the only in
                             house test for 175 related products including Pyrethrins!!
Atropine 5mg/ml injection 10ml is a sterile, isotonic injection used as an antidote for organop-hosphate poisoning.    Atropine is an anticholinergic agent, blocking the action of acetylcholine. 

One year expiration from date of shipment. 

Phytonadione 5 mg/ml oral suspension is used as an antidote for all types of rodenticide poisoning.  Complete dosing for multiple species can be found in the product insert.  Phytonadione (Vitamin K1) is required for critical blood clotting factor production.  Anticoagulant rodenticides act by blocking the Vitamin K cycle in the development of these factors.

One year expiration from date of shipment.
Kacey Poison Test Station
The Kacey VOLT Complete "In House Testing And Emergency Treatment Of The Three Most Common Poisons
  • 5  minute Go/No Go result
  • 75 uL sample
  • No instrument needed
  • Results in nanograms
  • Identification of Anti-coagulant or derivative
  • Screens for Super Rodenticides
  • 14 -16 month expiration
  • Feline & Canine sensitivity @ 20mg/dL
  • Canine lethal dose@ 50mg/dL
  • Feline lethal dose@ 20mg/dL
  • Only 20ul of plasma needed
  • Detects approx 30 min after ingestion
  • Results in 10 minutes
  • 12 month expiration
  • Feline sensitivity 75 U/dl
  • Canine sensitivity125 U/dl
  • Only 20ul of plasma needed
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Easy color comparison chart
  • Low unit cost per strip
  • 15 months expiration
Anti-Coagulant Test

Ethylene Glycol

Insecticide / Pesticide

Poison Test Station w/ antidotes # 30316
Poison Test Station w/o antidotes  # 30317

Announcing Convenient Antidotes
4MP (Fomepizole)
Atropine Sulfate
Vitamin "K"
To Enhance Our Kacey Diagnostics Poison Test Station!
Fomepizole 1 gram sterile injection kit is used as an antidote for ethylene glycol poisoning, a component of antifreeze.         

Fomepizole inhibits alcohol dehydrogenase, preventing ethylene glycol from being broken down into potentially fatal metabolites. 

6 months expiration from date of shipment.
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* Kacey Diagnostics is now the ONLY source for both the  Ethylene Glycol test and antidote in the US & Canada!  Paladin Labs, has pulled from the market its high priced version of 4MP (Antizol-Vet) effective April 20, 2015 according to an FDA newsletter, "Paladin Labs (USA) Inc., the current sponsor of Antizol Vet, requested that the FDA withdraw the approval because the company has not manufactured or marketed the drug since October 1, 2014."  FDA Newsletter April 7, 2015.

JUST IN! Our Ethylene Glycol and Organophosphate strips can now be used with our NEW "Stealth" 4 in 1 "Touch Screen" Analyzer!  (For more details visit our Instrumentation Page)