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Animal Care Products Since 1979!
Kacey Products Providing Better Animal Care!
Kacey Diagnostics was founded by Richard Carsillo in 1979.  With an extensive background in chemistry, including involvement in the design, sales and marketing of the original Coulter Counter for veterinary medicine, Richard started the Kacey Med/Vet company.  This family owned company has from its early days always believed that in house diagnostic testing can and should be an integral part of any veterinary hospital.  With that in mind, Kacey quickly became the gold standard with its Veti-Stx multi-parameter urine dip strip technology. 

In its 35th year, Kacey, now Kacey Diagnostics, has updated its image and introduced new and exciting products such as the MultiChrome microbiology test bi-plates.  A chromogenic media that not only detects bacteria, but identifies them through unique, individual colors.  This year we are introducing a complete Sensitivity kit as well.  We are also the leaders in rapid detection of poisons incuding Ethylene Glycol, 175 insecticides and all forms of rodenticides.  These are just a few of the products being created by Kacey Diagnostics and showcased on our web site.

Our staff includes a diverse group of individuals committed to bringing new products and technologies to life.  This highly trained group has over 75 years of combined experience in the veterinary market.  No company is complete without a good distribution channel and Kacey Diagnostics is no exception with close relationships with the largest and best veterinary distributors in the US and Europe.
Final QC inspection of the Kacey
Diagnostics Automated Slide Stainer. 
The only slide stainer specifiacally
developed for the veterinary market.
Hematology and Gram slides stained
and dried in just minutes!!
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